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Laboratory Hot Air Oven

PSI Scientific a leading Hot Air Oven manufacturer in India brings you finest qualtiy hot air ovens. Designing and manufacturing custom hot air oven matching to specific requirements of customer is our speciality.

PSI Scientific manufactures hot air oven and is perfect for R & D laboratories, educational institutes, and pharmaceutical industry. The hot air oven is created from double-walled construction that is designed to hold in heat and reduce energy output. The outer case of this unit is made of metal with pre-treated with primers and painted with stove enamel or powder coated, delivering rust proof and long lasting performance. The inner case is made of high quality stainless steel of S.S.304 grade. The stainless steel inner chamber is corrosion resistant, durable and easy to clean. The gap between the walls is filled with glass wool ensuring maximum thermal efficiency. This unit comes with one or three shelves depending upon the inner size. The temperature range of our standard hot air oven from 50°C to 250°C with accuracy of + / - 1°C. A built-in fan has also been used for even distribution of heat inside the chamber. This unit also equipped with LED display, enabling users to monitor the chamber temperature at any given point. This unit is operated with 220-230 Volt 50Hz power supply.

Our range of hot air ovens is available in capacity from 30 liters to 336 liters. For large sized models we also offer rust proof steel mount. Our standard hot air ovens are equipped with several advanced features; however we alsocustomize these ovens as per specific requirements.


Chamber Size Rating No of Shelves
12"X12"X12" 1250W 1Nos
14"X14"X14" 1250W 2Nos
18"X18"X18" 1500W 2Nos
18"X18"X24" 2000W 3Nos
24"X24"X24" 2500W 3Nos
24"X24"X36" 3000W 3Nos

Hot Air Oven GMP Model


Double walled construction fully made of Stainless Steel 304Q. Inner chamber mirror finished & exterior matt finished. The Gap between the two walls filled with glass wool insulation. Fully insulated door with Silicon Gasket brass lock hinges & aluminum ventilator. Heating is by specially designed heaters made of Nichrome wire fitted at the bottom of the Oven. Temperature Controlled by Microprocessor based Digital Temperature controller with PT 100 as sensor & safety thermostat. Supplied with S.S. wire mesh shelves.

Chamber Size Rating No of Shelves
12X12X12 1250W 2Nos
14X14X14 1250W 2Nos
18X18X18 1500W 3Nos
18X18X24 2000W 4Nos
24X24X24 2500W 4Nos
24X24X36 3000W 5Nos
Optional Accessories :